External Hard Drives and SSDs

Backup & Explore

Photos to protect. Files to organize. Movies to amass. Yes, your digital life requires attention. But these external hard drives and SSDs make managing it all painless. Universal compatibility, fast performance, high capacity, hardware encryption, helpful tools—whatever you need from a backup drive, it’s here.
Portable Hard Drives
External Hard Drives
External Hard Drives For Mac


Portable External Hard Drives and SSDs

Some days call for immediate file access and on-the-go backup. We’ve got you covered.

Love Your Portable Drive

Style, USB simplicity, encryption—meet the world’s favorite external hard drive family.

Backup Plus Portable Hard Drives


Jump to SSD

A portable solid state drive with USB-C gives a serious boost to on-the-go storage.

Fast SSD


Supersize Your Efforts

Simply and instantly add extra storage and take your files with you.

Expansion Portable Hard Drive



Desktop External Hard Drives

Give your peace of mind the space it deserves, with a USB 3.0 external hard drive right next to your desktop computer.


Manage and Recharge

Get up to 10TB of high capacity storage and juice up while you’re at it.

Backup Plus Hub


Transfer with Ease

Drag and drop to add storage to your computer instantly, at USB 3.0 connectivity.

Expansion Desktop



External Hard Drives for Macs

There’s no use in comparing apples to oranges, so for a Mac we offer backup hard drives that speak macOS fluently.


Smarten Up Your Space

Get up to 8TB of Time Machine compatible storage, plus hub functionality.

Backup Plus Hub for Mac


Travel in Style

Put your mind at ease with up to 4TB space on Apple-compatible portable hard drives.

Backup Plus Portable Drives for Mac

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