Global Citizenship

Seagate Commitment to UNGC and RBA

As an industry leader, Seagate is committed to developing and maintaining sustainable, responsible practices in its global operations. Key areas of emphasis include human resources, green-enabling storage products, health and safety, governance, the environment, community involvement, and much more. As such, Seagate is a signatory to the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and supports their principles and standards.

Seagate Values

Our values serve as the foundation for who we are and what drives us to deliver on our vision and mission. Our three values of Integrity, Innovation, and Inclusion reflect our company's unique strengths, and are also guiding principles for what we strive to sustain and continuously improve.


We are thoughtful guardians of value who are equally committed to people, our planet, and profit.


Our customers benefit from the most advanced technologies, manufacturing, and supply chain.


We are a supportive and inclusive global team built on respect, safety, and shared success.

Our Approach

Seagate’s Global Citizenship program establishes corporate social responsibility strategies, ensures adherence to laws, ethical standards and international norms, and embraces responsibility for how our activities affect stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with key stakeholders on relevant social and environmental issues provides Seagate with the insights and relationships needed to make well-informed business decisions.

Operational Resilience

Seagate prepares and plans for eventualities to minimize disruption to its business and operations. An enterprise business continuity management system has been established to understand and manage our risks to ensure resilience.


By setting goals and tracking efforts for areas like greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy usage, waste and water management, Seagate continues to work on improving environmental sustainability in all communities it serves.

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